Educon 2015 Karlsruhe


The beautiful city of Karlsruhe is a science and technology hub, Germany’s online capital, and home to the Federal Court of Justice. It is also very liberal, allowing arts and culture to flourish, creating an atmosphere of openness and futuristic vigour. It was here that Educon 2015 was held, and over 100 educationists from India, Germany, and Israel participated and discussed the theme of “Industry Comes Closer to Academia”. The delegates participated in various sessions as well as the Lab, which was an interactive workshop in the arena of Industry-Academia partnership. The two-day conference ended with a guided tour of ZKM, the Center for Art and Media. ZKM is a platform for cross-border experiments between arts and science, where artists and scientists from various disciplines come together to create magic through implementation of unusual methods, novel and innovative works, and pioneering ideas.


Industry comes closer to Academia


  • Indian industry’s perspective on the skills gap: The potential job market in India (especially against the backdrop of Smart Cities) and the existing skills gap in human resources
  • German Industry´s challenges in the global world
  • German Industry‘s Challenges in International Project Business
  • Industry Institute Partnership – Completing the loop
  • Meeting Human Resources and R&D Needs of Brick and Mortar Sector through Joint Initiative of Govt. and Industry
  • Application of the Internet of Things and Services for Smart Factories and Beyond


Karlsruhe, Germany


from 5th to 7th October, 2015

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