Mr. K. Jayakrishnan Nair

VP-sales, Marketing &Service Delivery at Eram infotech

He is a Technocrat with 30+ years of professional experience in Sales, Marketing, and profit center management with many industry verticals. A total of 20 + years in service industry like Telecom, broadband and cable TV and well experienced in media delivery including the digital media. Armed with modern concepts like ERP like SAP, quality concepts like ISO 6 sigma etal have held national positions for more than 10 years. Having started with Dairy am conversant with the most FMCG practices and cold chain inventory management and quick cycle concepts. With a good analytical bend having done number crunching on TAM and media analytics have had good exposure to web based medium and related cloud presence vitals.

He have strong bias to ethical value system and regards for strong work place fundamentals like Team leadership, Best practices adoption, first time right adoption and have practiced and worked for some of the best brands and services.

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